Digital Media

Digital media has become an increasingly more prevelant form of communication for Fresno City College. It is important that we maintain the college's brand through this new media. Please use the guidelines below when publishing on the web or through other digital means.

Web Logo

FCC Logo web version

Use this version of the Fresno City College logo when publishing on the internet. When resizing pay careful attention to maintaining the aspect ratio. Use the shift key when drag sizing (applies to both Windows and Macintosh platforms), or use equal percentages when using a scaling tool.

Download: GIF | PNG | JPG

Web Color Palette

Fresno City College's web communication adheres to a monochromatic and analogous color scheme. Examples of this color palette can be seen at Fresno City College's website and Twitter page.


HTML #8D191B


HTML #333333

HTML #58595B


HTML #000000


Web Fonts

Official font for web is Ubuntu. If not available use san-serif font such as Calibri.

Email Signature

Please structure your email signature using the example below. If you wish to apply formatting to your signature, please use the following guidelines:

FCC logo for email
Fresno City College
1101 E. University Ave.
Fresno, CA 93741

PowerPoint Slide Template

SCCCD memo thumbnail

Please use this document when setting up your PowerPoint presentations. The file contains a title slide and a subsequent slide for text and or photos.

Download: FCC-powerpoint-template.pot - PowerPoint template