Elements of Style

Any publication that represents Fresno City College and uses the FCC logo must be high quality with a competent graphic design, correct grammar and accurate spelling. FCC's brand is clean, classic, and sophisticated, and includes photography, type treatments, and graphic elements that reinforce these concepts.

Components of the Brand


typography example

Nothing adds more to the effectiveness of communicating your message than typography. Good typography helps readability, positively contributes to the readers' experience, and improves comprehension. Follow these simple guidelines as they pertain to typography:

See the typography page on this site for more information.


Fresno City College students sitting outsideSince a picture is worth a thousand words, great care must be taken in chosing the right photograph. Using professional photography is of the utmost importance. Professionally shot photographs of Fresno City College, FCC students and employees is preferred to both amateur snapshots and stock photography. If these are not available, the use of stock photography is permissible.

Guidelines for photo treatments and composition:


When designing your publication, the color scheme should not consist solely of Fresno City College's official colors. Instead, try using all or part of the secondary color palette, or select one or two accent colors that coordinate with the photography or graphic elements in your composition. Remember, keep the color scheme simple and classic. The colors you choose should enhance the message—not distract from it.

See the color page on this site for more information.


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alignmentgridFCC publications should reflect simplicity and clarity in presentation. The following guidelines will help you develop compositions that convey your message while staying true to the FCC brand.